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Your ducts, fans, hoods, and vents are where grease usually accumulates over time. Your ducts, fans, hoods, and vents are where grease usually accumulates over time. Our job is to inspect and clean thoroughly on a regular basis or as needed as required by NFPA 96 code regulations in accordance with state and local laws/enforcement codes in order to keep your kitchen safe and in working order.

As a recognized leader in the commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning and preventive maintenance industry, we understand better than anyone else that your kitchen needs to be a safe working environment for your employees. Keeping up with health standards and client demands can be hard, but Fidelis Commercial Services is here to help! You can count on us to provide expert services.


We offer a competitive price and deliver excellent results to your kitchen vent hoods. We have a pricing structure that works on all kinds of budgets. We will provide an onsite inspection of your current exhaust system/vent hoods. During the inspection, we will examine all the vital components to ensure our quote and services will properly meet and exceed NAPA 96 code regulations.

Areas of Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

Certified technicians at Fidelis Commercial Services do not take shortcuts when it comes to cleaning your kitchen vent hoods. We will focus on the vital areas of your kitchen vent hood to prevent any risk or potential fire outbreak or fire damage.
This includes 6 major compartments; hoods, filters, Ansul fusible links, ducts, extractor fans and rooftop containment.

Top to Bottom Cleaning

Exhaust systems comprise five major elements: hoods, filters, ducts, fans and rooftop containment. We start at the top and work our way down the system.

Wastewater containment set-up

Our professional hood cleaners will disconnect movable equipment under the hood and wheel it out of the way. Then we will typically cover the stationary equipment with plastic sheeting and canvas tarps. We will remove the grease filters and form a chute with tarps or plastic sheeting around the perimeter of the hood that leads into a 55-gal drum.


We start the cleaning process up on the roof, first cleaning or replacing any grease pads around the exhaust fan housing and emptying and cleaning the grease containment trough or trap around the housing. While our certified team members are up there, they will inspect for grease accumulation or damage done to your roof, they will also clean or replace supply-side kitchen ( make up air) ventilation filters, too.

Hood & Duct Cleaning

Fidelis has a 2 step cleaning process for vent hood/ducts and duct work, we use a pressurized steam system and a more commonly hot water pressure washers with chemical injection. Our certified technicians apply it with a pressurized foaming system from our trucks to the vent hood/ duct work to insure safety measures for our technicians and our clients. For caked-on grease or tough spots such as corners and baffles, our certified technicians might use scrapers, stiff synthetic bristle brushes or poly scrub pads to properly clean the vent hood/ ducting to be free from greases, oils and natural debris.

Exhaust fan cleaning and inspection

Properly designed exhaust fan housing should be hinged to give contractors ease of access to the fan and ductwork as required by NFPA 96 code regulations. We will clean the fan blades to include the housing, inspect the fan motor to conduct an amperage and voltage test to either loosen or tighten the fan belt and grease the shaft bearings as needed.

Hood Cleaning

Our technicians may use scrapers and brushes on the plenum and hood interior for stubborn grease accumulation. Otherwise, we will usually clean it with the same pressure washer system used for the ductwork. The hood’s interior and exterior stainless may be manually cleaned with a degreaser if necessary or mild detergents wiped down and dried with clean cloths. Our technicians will take special care of demand-control hoods to protect their heat and or effluent sensors during the cleaning process.

Grease Filters

We will disassemble and pressure wash baffle filters or wash them manually; then we dry and reinstall them in the hood.


Our team will collect all wastewater and grease from traps and clean and dispose of those collection containers properly. Then we return and reconnect all the equipment. Our technicians will make sure to leave your kitchens as clean as or cleaner than we found them.


After cleaning up, we will test your exhaust systems to make sure they are operating correctly and that the system is not losing pressure or leaking through the ducts anywhere. We will provide you with a written report along with before and after photos documenting everything we performed in your exhaust system to ensure your system is meeting and exceeding NFPA 96 code regulations.

Note: The inspection report can be an instrument to lower your insurance premiums on an annual basis up to 5% and provide proof to all local and state site inspectors/enforcement agents that your exhaust system is being maintained by a professional and reputable company who is certified by NFPA.


Fidelis Commercial Services is here for you during these unprecedented times with expert disinfection services for restaurants, warehouses, offices, schools, and other commercial properties. We can even provide vehicle disinfection for delivery services of all kinds in San Antonio and the surrounding area. We use an electrostatic sprayer with EPA registered disinfectant to spray all surfaces. Our disinfectant kills COVID-19 along with all other bacteria and viruses within 30 seconds. Call us at (210)272-7780 or request a quote online.


Keeping your cooling/ chillers towers operating properly is critical to your facility’s functioning. Regular cooling/chiller tower cleaning and maintenance prevents bacteria growth.

Every facility should have a cooling tower maintenance plan that includes regular cleaning and inspection. Cooling /chiller towers can also draw debris in through piping reducing efficiency and increasing costs. Regular cleaning will keep your facility operating efficiently and safely.

At Fidelis Commercial Services, we integrate seamlessly with your operations. We can work in off-hours or integrate fully with your operations. Our experts will discuss your maintenance needs to provide you with a variety of service options.

Contact us to talk with one of our cooling/chiller tower cleaning experts.